Healthy Pregnancy Is Not A Guarantee

As we make amazing advances as a civilization, reproduction seems to follow a different trajectory - with subfertility, pregnancy complications, and childhood illnesses on the rise.

What you do before pregnancy has a lifetime impact on your child

Health is multi-faceted, as is the impact of a parent’s current health on their future children. Influences come from many aspects, including…

  • What you consume
  • Your relationship with yourself & others
  • Your environment

What Is Happening?!

With great advances comes byproducts - some of which are leading to a decline in overall health and vitality.


  • Chemical, mold, radiation & metal over-exposures
  • Toxic waste in food, water & air supply
  • Unprecedented lack of nutrition
  • Overt use of medications
  • Constant daily stress


Did You Know?


46% of pregnancies in the United States are unintended, which is associated with negative pregnancy and birth outcomes


30% of infertility cases have at least one contributing factor from both the male and female partners


Adequate Vitamin B12 levels reduce preterm birth risk by as much as 60%. This is one of hundreds of nutritional contributions to healthy pregnancy and birth outcomes.

Maternal Health

Low level thyroid dysfunction is present in up to 10% of PCOS patients - 2 conditions associated with subfertility


Problems With Modern Pregnancy

Modern pregnancy is treated as an isolated event, generally separate from mom and dad’s preconception bodies and lifestyles, as well as mom’s postpartum body. When we don’t incorporate the multifactorial nature of conception and pregnancy, we disconnect a new life from their origins. Without being proactive regarding mom and dad’s health, nutrition, and toxic exposures, susceptibility to poor outcomes rise, including:

  • Pregnancy Loss
  • Infertility
  • Pre-terms Birth
  • Unplanned/Unwanted C-section Delivery
  • Birth Defects
  • Maternal Complications
  • Postpartum Depression


Much like our food influences our health, the relationships we find ourselves in can either nourish our mental, emotional, and spiritual self…or they can harm us.


Arguably the most important relationship you are in is the one with yourself. It’s who you spend the most time with, converse with most often, and believe more than anyone else.

This includes:

  • How you speak to yourself
  • Value in your own health and self-care
  • The way you view your needs as important - or not
  • Priorities with regard to your needs and responsibilities, and the power of saying “no”.
  • The relationship of your body systems with each other - mental, emotional, physical, chemical, neurological, microbial, and hormonal


This is every other person or being you interact with. Your partner, children, family, friends, boss, co-workers, and even your spiritual relationships.

This includes:

  • Toxic relationships and those you may be able to part ways with
  • Communication with those you are closest with
  • Boundaries set within relationships, or if you need to set some in place
  • The time you prioritize to nurture your faith or spiritual relationships

What You Consume Can Heal Or Harm

With modern conveniences come an array of toxic substances available to the public, touted as “food” or healing compounds. If we aren’t actively eating food and nutrients nourishing to our bodies, we can fall into a cycle of not only undernutrition, but actively consuming harmful substances such as…

  • Unnecessary Medications
  • GMO Foods
  • Unclean Water
  • Preservatives
  • Convenience Meals
  • Unhealthy Snacks

(We address healthy nutrition for the preconception journey, and also supporting effective digestion and absorption of those nutrients in PreBaby Bootcamp.) 


Our Environment Has Become Toxic

For the sake of convenience, entertainment, and economy, we have introduced a whole host of toxic exposures in our world. These are areas the preconception family should be aware of and have strategies to mitigate the risks from:

  • Heavy Metals
  • Industrial Pollution
  • Environmental Chemicals
  • Mold/water damaged buildings
  • EMF/Wireless
  • Radiation
  • PFAS/forever chemicals
  • Contaminated Water

We address toxic burden and the body's ability to detoxify from this in PreBaby Bootcamp!

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