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Your all-in-one comprehensive course for a healthy pregnancy & baby!


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This is a course for anyone wanting to get pregnant (while primarily focused on women, there is information applicable to men as well). It is also appropriate for couples who have experienced trouble with conceiving or carrying out a pregnancy to birth.*

This course discusses some of the most vital components to getting - and staying - pregnant. It also presents what can disrupt pathways along the preconception journey, from hormone rhythms, conception, healthy fetal development, and even lifelong health effects on a child. Finally, through the course, Dr. Michelle guide's you through building foundations that support those vital systems, before conception, all the way to a healthy baby.

 Drainage & Detox

Your liver & detox pathways are at the center of hormone health, immune function & overall well-being.

Digestion & Absorption

Before you focus on what to nourish your body (and future baby) with, ensure you are able to effectively utilize those nutrients.

The Thyroid

This organ is critical to your energy, cycle regulation, conception & maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Preconception Nutrition

Nutrients give signals to our bodies, telling it what to do and how to operate. Learn which foods & nutrients are particularly effective before conception even occurs.

Blood Sugar

Regulating blood glucose levels is a preliminary step in managing any chronic health issues, including impaired liver health and disrupted hormones.


We live in a toxic world & need to support our bodies to eliminate what we can't avoid. Your toxic burden can impact a future pregnancy and baby.


An obvious player within the preconception journey, hormones must be evaluated, understood & supported appropriately for what an individual is experiencing.


Mitochondria produce hormones & are regulated by them. They are vital to not only conceiving, but completing the process of healthy baby development.


Additional content on Birth Control, Mold, and Parasites! How they affect the preconception journey, and what to do about them!

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 Actionable Content

While knowing the why of what to address along the preconception journey is valuable, the how is what you're here for. Each module provides:

circle-check-solid 1 Self-assessments

circle-check-solid 1 Ways to support your journey with regard to each topic

circle-check-solid 1 Quick and effective action steps for each module

circle-check-solid 1 Mini-protocols

circle-check-solid 1 Relevant links, articles, and discount codes to make the journey as actionable as possible


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This course goes in to detail of some of the heaviest hitters to consider prior to conception. The bonus items will touch on additional considerations that may have an impact on your preconception journey. Birth control, mold, and parasites - oh my!


How does this course benefit YOU?

 Action steps to implement on your own, right away

 Information to facilitate an informed conversation with your healthcare provider

 A comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to healing and optimizing your health PREconception

 An action plan to support your future family

This is a self-paced course, that realistically could equal between 8 weeks - 12 months of life-changing action steps to implement along your journey!


Begin the Journey - At YOUR Pace

Can I afford this program?

Dr. Michelle generally recommends 9 months for the average preconception client - making this program a $122/month guided journey by a preconception professional with years of experience and research.

$1,099 = $122/month

Compare that to:

  • The cost to work personally with a provider for a comparable preconception service, without labs or supplements, is on average $300-600/month. That means a similarly paced care plan with a professional costs $2,700 - conservatively.
  • The average cost for one round of IVF is $15,000-$30,000 with an average successful pregnancy after 3-6 rounds. That means successful IVF treatment costs $45,000 - conservatively.

The unparalleled, multi-faceted approach PreBaby Bootcamp takes to preconception planning makes the total cost of the program a fraction of the alternatives, even when considering the additional labs and supplements discussed within the program.

This e-course is a comprehensive nutritional, lifestyle, action-driven, and investigative approach for anyone on the preconception journey. That includes those who have experienced infertility or pregnancy loss, have had babies already, or have yet to start "trying".

*While a comprehensive approach, this program can not guarantee conception, pregnancy, or any other outcomes. This program is not a replacement for medical care, diagnosis, or treatment.



Prebaby Bootcamp

Your all-in-one comprehensive course for a healthy pregnancy & baby!


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